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Wal-Mart leads Wegmans in battle for Jersey


ARetailing Today Market Basket Study of central New Jersey proves once again that having a Wal-Mart supercenter around means consumers can save aplenty, particularly on core grocery and perishables items, while also confirming that supermarkets with strong food reputations, such as Wegmans, still can compete sharply on price.

In the sprawling suburb that is Central New Jersey, competitive pressures have forced even long-term market participants to remake themselves or perish. A&P, well-established in the market, has adapted, taking a gourmet slant on affluent Jersey consumers with its Fresh units. Recent arrival Stop & Shop, in contrast, has been carefully honing its selection to focus on the most in-demand items.

In a study that ranged from the Philadelphia to New York suburbs, Wal-Mart’s first-ever supercenter in the Garden State was the price leader on 20 core grocery and perishables items, but Wegmans came in first among supermarket operators reviewed. Interestingly, Wal-Mart had a relatively strong organic assortment. Supermarket signage touted organics selections, yet only Wegmans substantially surpassed Wal-Mart’s assortment. Prices don’t reflect loyalty card discounts. Wegmans offered the most loyalty card specials among the supermarkets, followed by A&P.

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Market Basket STUDY May 25, 2007 · Central New JerseyThe following pricing survey was produced by visiting four stores, all on the same day, in the same central New Jersey market. Prices include discounts on day of visit but not loyalty card specials. For more information, contact senior editor Mike Duff at [email protected]
Per lb.Red Delicious Apples$1.29$1.69$1.49$0.99
EachIceberg Lettuce1.491.291.791.28
16 oz.Strawberries2.502.992.991.50
16 oz.Organic Baby Carrots1.991.592.491.68
Per lb.Deli Ham8.998.498.992.52
EachBakery Bagels0.550.600.330.40
EachFrozen Pizza3.994.494.993.00
32 oz.Private Label Frozen Whole Kernel Corn2.992.492.291.72
28 oz.Peanut Butter3.29*3.193.993.12
28 oz.Private Label Peanut Butter2.692.292.592.23
24.8 oz.White Bread2.492.492.491.47
8oz.Instant Coffee5.495.095.794.62
36 oz.Ketchup2.002.192.691.98
36 oz.Private Label Ketchup2.191.391.790.98
10.5 oz.Chicken & Rice Soup1.501.291.591.22
Per lb. Boneless Premium Chicken†4.794.594.294.54
18 oz.Corn Flakes2.502.794.292.62
1gal.Private Label 2% Milk3.992.993.593.03
32 oz.Organic Yogurt4.193.394.593.28
15 oz.Sweet Peas0.990.851.190.72
TOTALS $59.90$56.17$64.24$42.90
Source: Retailing Today
*A 36.4-oz. bonus jar meant to compare with the standard 28-oz.size.
† Either tenderloins or skinless sliced chicken breast

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