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Wal-Mart Canada adding more Grab and Go lockers


Mississauga, Canada - Walmart Canada is adding 33 Grab and Go lockers in the greater Toronto area. The lockers allow customers to buy online then pick up their items in stores.

The retailer installed its first set of lockers at 10 locations in the Toronto area in August. The announcement follows a series of initiatives Walmart Canada has launched in the past year to accelerate its e-commerce program.

These include doubling its online product assortment on in 2013 and again doubling the assortment this year, launching an online grocery assortment providing a broad range of dry grocery items, and launching free shipping throughout most of Canada.

The Grab & Go option is offered on Walmart’s web site just prior to check out. Should the order qualify (it must be less than 65lbs and no one dimension can exceed 2 meters) for the option, the customer selects the Grab & Go site they wish to use prior to checking out. Customers will receive an email the next day confirming the order has shipped along with a PIN code to access their order from the Grab & Go unit. Once at the Grab & Go site, the customer then enters their 6 digit PIN code and the compartment containing their package will open.

"The lockers are an intersection point between our physical and digital stores, providing a terrific option for customers buying presents during the holiday season that want to keep them away from prying eyes and little fingers," said Michael Memme, director of transportation at “It's also a very smart way for customers to send packages to friends and family with no delivery fee, especially when the customer is nowhere near the GTA.”
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