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Wal-Mart annual report points to sustainability progress


Bentonville, Ark. -- Global responsibility and sustainability continue to be priorities for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The company filed its proxy statement ahead of its June 5 annual shareholders meeting, and also issued its annual report, and the 2015 Global Responsibility Report and Global Compliance Program Report.

The Global Responsibility Report outlined social and environmental work over the past year. Accomplishments, according to the company, include:

• Accelerating job mobility: Last February, Walmart announced a $1 billion investment in higher wages, job training and scheduling enhancements.

• Empowering women: Since the launch of its Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative in 2011, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have made $110 million in grants to support women’s economic empowerment. In addition, Walmart has sourced $11.24 billion from women-owned businesses since 2011.

• Hiring and supporting veterans: Since Memorial Day 2013, Walmart has hired more than 77,000 veterans, nearly 16,000 as part of its Veterans Welcome Home Commitment.

• Lowering the environmental footprint of Walmart’s operations: Advancing toward goal of 100% renewable energy, Walmart continues to expand the development of on-site and off-site solar, wind, fuel cells and other technologies. Today, 26% of the company’s electricity is supplied by renewable sources.

• Reducing waste across global operations: Walmart has set a goal of creating zero waste by providing solutions to improve waste data management and reduce and divert food and materials from turning into waste. Walmart U.S. operations operational waste diversion improved to 82.4% in 2014.

Wal-Mart Stores’ annual shareholders meeting will be held on Friday, June 5, at 7:30 a.m. in Bud Walton Arena on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville.

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