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Vuzix, Vision Smarts partner on Smart Glasses app


Oxford, U.K. -- Vuzix Corp., a U.K.-based supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses products, and Vision Smarts, a Belgian company that develops, distributes and supports software libraries for image recognition and real-time video analysis, have created a custom built-version of the “pic2shop” application specifically for use with the M100 Smart Glasses.

Designed for scanning QR codes, EAN and UPC barcodes, the customized M100 version now enables complete hands-free scanning, providing users with real-time data including product names, images and potentially vital shopping information when connected to the Internet via the M100 through Wi-Fi link or tethered to a smartphone.

Using a combination of user interface modifications and algorithms Vision Smarts created a pic2shop version that maximizes the use of the application by M100 wearers. With a new zoom function, users can correctly position the bar code in the line of sight of the M100 camera, meaning the software application can focus more on the barcode that any other surrounding image.

In addition, users see a red line across the barcode, similar to that of a barcode reading sensor on a purchase point, providing more accuracy to the code reader. Specialized algorithms enable users to scan 3cm-wide UPCs or 2cm-wide QR codes up to 50 cm away. N.B. The distance depends on the physical size of the codes. Larger codes will be readable from further away.

“The customized pic2shop application works perfectly with our M100 device,” said Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix. “The adjustments that Vision Smarts have added have been developed following some extensive research into how the wearer of the M100 would use the device alongside the ‘pic2shop’ application in a natural manner. This is just one of the many forthcoming applications specifically developed for the M100 device and we look forward to announcing a ‘bank’ of useable applications for our users.”

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