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VitaminFizz acquired by Level 5 Beverage Co.


Minerco Resources announced that Level 5 Beverage Co. has acquired VitaminFizz, a low-calorie, vitamin-enriched soda that was developed by Power Brands Consulting. VitaminFizz was extensively tested in the market in 2011, but the launch was delayed while efforts were focused on other consumer brands.

“In the ever-expanding beverage industry, it is important to align yourself with the right partners. It has taken longer than anticipated, but we were not ready to settle for second-best. Level 5 is the perfect complement to an amazing team of beverage industry champions and a world-class brand," said Darin Ezra, CEO of Power Brands.

VitaminFizz is being re-vitalized by Power Brands in a new 16-oz. plastic bottle and will be re-introduced into the market in the near future.

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