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Victoria’s Secret gets a lift—in consumer perception

Consumers are feeling a bit better about Victoria’s Secret.

That’s according to a new report from YouGov, which found that consumer sentiment toward the lingerie brand has improved among US women aged 18-49 since its last report in April.

Victoria’s Secret’s “Buzz “score – which measures whether consumers are hearing something good or bad about a particular brand – has risen from 23 in mid-April to a high of 29 in early October. (Following some controversial remarks about women made by parent company L Brands’ chief marketing officer, Ed Razek, in an interview with Vogue, however, the brand’s Buzz score has dropped a bit, to 26.)

Meanwhile, the amount of women aged 18-49 who say they’ve recently purchased clothing and apparel from the brand has gradually increased to 24%, up from 17% in mid-April. Satisfaction scores are up. Asked whether they consider themselves either a satisfied or dissatisfied customer, YouGov’s last report on Victoria’s Secret indicated that the brand had a score of 29 among women aged 18-49. The score increased to 37 in the new report.

Victoria's Secret's overall comparable sales are currently down 1% so far in 2018, they were down 11% during the same period last year.
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