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Verizon unveils lifestyle store concept


Bloomington, Minn. -- Verizon Wireless unveiled its Verizon Destination Store format, at Mall of America, Bloomington, Minn. The new concept is designed to help customers discover all that wireless technology can do for their mobile lifestyles.

The 9,715-sq.-ft store features interactive lifestyle zones where customers can engage with associates and experience wireless gadgets, apps and tech gear, running on the Verizon Wireless 4G. The zones include Get Fit, for the active sports and fitness buff, Have Fun, for gamers, and Home on the Go, for home monitoring and energy management. Additional departments include Amplify it, for music aficionados, and Anywhere Business, for the mobile professional and entrepreneur.

The new store also includes a dedicated workshop area with seating where an education specialist can share tips about getting the most out of a device and lead classes in front of a large touch-screen digital display screen. Customers also can visit the Customize It Zone and create colorful covers for their smartphones and personalize them with photos. For a fun experience, a huge Focal Wall toward the back of the store beckons customers to approach and see themselves appear as avatar surfers, guitarists and more.

The Verizon Destination Store is part of a broader initiative that includes the redesign of Verizon Wireless' more than 1,700 retail stores throughout the country. Called Smart Stores, the newly designed locations showcase the same mobile lifestyle zones as the Verizon Destination Store on a smaller scale. In addition, the company plans to open a number of Verizon Destination Stores in the next few years in high traffic locations across the United States.

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