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Verizon: Dec. 26 has highest online traffic of holiday season


New York - The day after Christmas (Dec. 26) posted the highest traffic for online shopping, with 125 points, since the 2014 holiday shopping season began. According to Verizon Retail Index data, year-over-year, traffic attributed to online shopping was on par (125) with the same day in 2013.

High Internet traffic, attributed to online consumer retail shopping activity, continued Christmas Eve (113) and into Christmas Day (122). Christmas Day was on par with the two highest days, the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and the Sunday before Christma, since the 2014 holiday season began.

However, year-over-year, online shopping remains considerably lower. Christmas Eve was down 13 points compared to the same day in 2013 and Christmas Day was down six points from Christmas Day the prior year.

“Despite an improving economy coupled with increased consumer confidence, clearly the strategy for many retailers was to engage shoppers this holiday season early and often with promotions that became even more aggressive as the season continued,” said Michele Dupre, VP of retail and hospitality for Verizon. “In turn, consumers were unrelenting in holding out for even bigger discounts and expressed that sentiment primarily online. As we close out the holiday season, I suspect that (this) week will generate the highest gains for retailers online that we’ve seen to date.”
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