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Vera Bradley uses ShopperTrak for U.S. in-store analytics


Chicago - Vera Bradley has implemented ShopperTrak's Perimeter Analytics solution at each of its new U.S. stores in 2014, with plans to roll out the service across all corporate stores in the coming year. Vera Bradley plans to use ShopperTrak Perimeter Analytics for a variety of purposes, including predicting its labor model, understanding peak times for stores and creating a reliable, global platform for consistent data reporting.

"Finding a vendor who could provide data and insights with integrity was key," said Sara Lauer, director of multichannel sales operations at Vera Bradley. "With ShopperTrak, we're able to better understand how to serve our customers and provide them with tthe absolute best in-store experience possible. This must all be done while staying true to our brand – everything we do is to better serve her and be a girl's best friend."

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