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A Valentine’s Day alternative


What could be more romantic than a quiet night at home, snuggling on the couch, while watching a sentimental movie with your significant other? Dinner at a fancy restaurant, jewelry and a dozen roses come to mind, however with those option off the table for cash-strapped consumers, Target this week offered a viable alternative in the form of a promotion called, “the new movie night.”

That headline is featured on the cover of the retailer’s most recent circular along with a couple watching a “chick flick,” as suggested by the box of Kleenex brand tissues held by a male model who is rolling his eyes as his girlfriend or wife glances at him. Featured products included microwave popcorn, candy, carbonated beverages, frozen pizza and select DVDs for $10.

The ad creates a new romantic possibility for Target customers to consider, as spending on traditional Valentines Day merchandise this year is expected to decline to a per person average of $102 compared to nearly $123 last year, according to survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation. Total Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach $14.7 billion.

“While some Americans will forego a gift and opt for quality time at home instead, others will simply set budgets and fixed amounts when exchanging presents,” said Phil Rist, EVP strategic initiatives at BIGresearch, the firm that conducts consumer surveys for NRF. “Valentine’s Day this year will be more about small tokens of affection rather than extravagant purchases.”

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