Skip to main content urges retailers to avoid four mobile traps


Mountain View, Calif. – In a new report, “The Four Mobile Traps,” usability testing service firm identifies four common mistakes retailers make when attempting to perform mobile commerce. Following is a brief summary of each “trap:”

1. Clinging to legacy. Retailers often port a successful legacy product or site to mobile, which results in an awkward hybrid that does not take advantage of mobile-only capabilities and delivers traditional online capabilities in a reduced manner. Retailers need to rethink mobile apps and sites from the ground up.

2. Creating fear. Retailers mistakenly make non-disclosure and privacy notices smaller on mobile sites to save screen face and aggressively promote viral apps, making customers think their personal data is being put at risk. Retailers must prominently display all privacy notices and not be overly aggressive in mobile promotions.

3. Creating confusion. Mobile customers are often confused by interface controls that they either cannot figure out to use or that do not have a clear purpose. Retailers must design mobile sites to be functional, rather than aesthetically pleasing, and offer clear sources of help and customer service.

4. Creating boredom. Mobile users have much shorter attention spans than PC users and do not want to browse or tinker with a site. Mobile retail sites should be extremely easy to navigate, offer quick response times and accept customer feedback for redesigns as needed.

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