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United Supermarkets expands Kronos Workforce Management solution


Chelmsford, Mass. -- Workforce management solution-provider Kronos Inc. said Tuesday that United Supermarkets has expanded its relationship with Kronos after achieving a seven-figure savings through the deployment of a Kronos labor planning tool in conjunction with the workforce management solution.

The supermarket chain is extending its commitment in order to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

“In our industry, we need to work with tight margins, and optimizing workforce management is very important for profitable operations,” said David Crews, director of strategic projects, United Supermarkets. 
“With Kronos, we have already achieved multimillion dollar cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction, our number one priority. We’re now looking forward to further extending the value of workforce management.”

Before Kronos, United said that store managers spent a majority of their time scheduling employees manually. However, after implementing Kronos, a manager can schedule 400 employees in just two hours at one of the company’s largest stores.

Additionally, as hiring and placing the right associate in stores has been only half the battle for the supermarket chain, United is also ensuring that management of employee requests is as easy as possible. By providing associates with a self-service option to request shift changes and time off, United can also now easily track employee preferences.

United Supermarkets said it will now extend the Kronos forecasting and scheduling solution to the deli, pharmacy, and produce departments to start experiencing the benefits of an integrated workforce management system across all stores.

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