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Uniqlo looking to ‘Master’ sportswear retail


When the Masters golf tournament gets underway next week one of the sport’s highest profile players will be sporting apparel co-created with Uniqlo.

The global fast fashion retailer teamed up with Australian golf Adam Scott to develop and help promote a line of affordable sportswear including pants and shirts. Scott won the Masters in 2014 and is heading into the high profile tournament scheduled for April 7-10 among the favorites.

Uniqlo said Scott will wear several items of golf apparel including the brand’s Dry Stretch Pants, the Dry EX Polo Shirt, and Jogger Pants, which are described as a fashionable and relatively new golfwear item. Prices ranges from $19.99 to $49.99.

"I've had a great start to the season, winning back-to-back events on the PGA Tour for the first time in my career. The goal now is to maintain this momentum leading into Augusta." He added."Working with Uniqlo, we have developed the Dry Stretch Pants, Dry EX Polo Shirt and Jogger Pants. I'm very pleased with the fabrics, style and fit of the clothing, ensuring I'm completely comfortable and able to perform at my best both on and off the course,” Scott said. “These are some of Uniqlo’s 'made-for-all' clothing items that I plan on wearing at this year's Masters."

Uniqlo is a division of Japan’s Fast Retailing Co., and operates more than 1,600 stores worldwide.

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