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Uniqlo introduces the selfie that gives back


Uniqlo's latest interactive global campaign, called the ‘Uniqlo Selfless Selfie Project,’ encourages consumers to take a selfies and give back this holiday season.

Participants must post a selfie with a pledge to do something nice for a loved one or for their local community to social media using #3DSelfie for a chance to win a full-body 3D replica of themselves dressed in Uniqlo holiday clothing.

Up to 150 winners will be chosen from the cities of New York and San Francisco, where their ‘3D Selfie’ and pledge will become part of Uniqlo’s in-store holiday exhibition on view at each city’s flagship store. In addition, Uniqlo will select five notable people from each community to participate in the exhibition who truly “walk the walk” of giving and serving to inspire others to do the same. The ‘Selfless Selfie Project’ will also take place in the cities of Paris, London and Berlin.

Winners will be invited to attend a special event and celebration in their city, including an unveiling of the exhibition.

To make the '3D Selfies', Uniqlo is partnering with DOOB, a global provider of 3D technology-based products and services, for its 3D photo booth installation and 3D printing of the holiday exhibition. DOOB will launch popup shops in Santa Monica, California and New York City during the holidays.

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