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Under Armour/Bass Pro Shops Sportsman’s Center


Under Armour makes its retail debut with a high-energy space that conveys the excitement and emotion of sports. The store design brings the Under Armour brand story to life. The 4,500-sq.-ft. interior juxtaposes industrial elements with state-of the-art technology, most notably a dazzling video and audio system that helps pump up the action. Other innovative elements include the entrance: To enter the store from the mall, customers walk through a tunnel modeled after a stadium walkway. The 16-ft.-long tunnel is lined with high-definition LCD screens and speakers that play a variety of stadium sounds.

With its evocative visual imagery, impressive architecture and engaging merchandise displays, Bass Pro Shops Sportsman’s Center is a living museum of the fishing, boating and marine life that gives Florida its distinct identity. Underwater exploration is the theme of the 100,000-sq.-ft. store, and the main focus is the clerestory, which, complete with barnacle-encrusted trusses, takes on the look of a sunken ship. Suspended ceiling dioramas portray underwater scenes, and colorful fish appear to swim overhead. All of the elements, from the finishes and materials to the mounts and artifacts that figure into the decor, combine for an unforgettable customer experience.

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