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U.K. online retailer boosts sales with Treepodia’s YouTube curation


London – If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then perhaps a video is worth 1,000 sales. U.K. electric appliance retailer has increased unit sales by 37% using Treepodia’s new YouTube Fetcher service.

YouTube Fetcher works by collecting YouTube videos from experts, brands or individual reviewers that match’s products. Once collected, the videos can be reviewed and approved before being automatically uploaded to the relevant product pages. When more than two videos are fetched, they are A/B tested against each other and the system automatically promotes the best converting one for further optimization.

“Treepodia's YouTube Fetcher service located many product videos from YouTube,” said Rob Levy, CEO “Some of them increased our sales three fold. These videos contained excellent demonstrations and reviews that gave shoppers a credible source of information. We think it helped them shop with confidence, especially for products that were expensive or complex to use.” also uses Treepodia’s smart video platform to automatically create thousands of product videos on its website, resulting in significant increases in conversion rates.

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