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U.K. High Court rules in favor of Ebay in battle with L'Oreal


LONDON On Friday, May 22, the U.K. High Court ruled in favor of Ebay in a case between Ebay and L'Oreal.

The court ruled that Ebay can't be held responsible for the sale of fake goods and that the online auction site had enough checks in place to prevent such activity from taking place.

Richard Ambrose, Head of Trust & Safety, Ebay said, "This is an important judgment because it ensures that consumers can continue to buy genuine products at competitive prices on eBay. As such, it is a victory for consumers and the thousands of entrepreneurs who sell legitimate goods on Ebay every day. When companies try to prevent genuine items being sold through the internet they demonstrate that they are out of step with consumers, how they use the internet to shop and, at this time when every penny counts, the importance of shopping around to get the best price."

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