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UGG makes a loyalty play


UGG is driving a new level of engagement with loyal shoppers.

Starting today, shoppers nationwide are invited to join UGG Rewards, a loyalty program that awards shoppers with points for every purchase. The program, which was launched as a pilot among a limited customer base between September 2015 and June 2016, is now available to shoppers in-store and online throughout the United States.

Shoppers earn three points upon joining the club on the company website, and can earn up to six points per purchase. They can also accrue points for adding merchandise to their wishlists, and sharing their wish lists electronically and on social media. When shoppers collect 10 points, they earn shoppers a $20 UGG Reward gift certificate that can be redeemed at any retail or outlet store, or online.

“The retail landscape is a highly-sensorial, engaging and constantly evolving environment. Successful brands realize that loyal customers make incredible advocates,” said Stefano Caroti, president omnichannel at Deckers Brands, UGG’s parent company.

UGG also realizes the importance of social media in this customer advocacy — a main reason why social sharing is a component of the program.

“Our new program delivers both choice and achievable benefits, as well as a layer of community by giving customers the opportunity to collect additional points for social sharing,” added Carma Caughlan, Deckers’ director of customer engagement and loyalty.

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