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Tyco Retail Solutions offers better theft protection


BOCA RATON, Fla. — Tyco Retail Solutions, a provider of retail performance and security solutions sold direct and through authorized business partners worldwide, has expanded its portfolio of Sensormatic acousto-magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) hard tags and alarming wraps. The newly available tags address many high theft, high velocity categories and give retailers a broad, comprehensive solution to protect their entire store, the company said.

The New Sensormatic Tag Portfolio includes:

  • New alarming wraps with smaller footprint - provides a strong visual deterrent while not interfering with brand promotion on packaging for electronics and power tools;

  • New alarming tags - offers effective protection for apparel, accessory and footwear applications;

  • Sporting goods tags - protects variety of items including bats, golf clubs and sunglasses;

  • Super pencil, saucer, optical and jewelry specific tags for apparel and accessories - applications include leather goods, designer jeans, eyewear and jewelry; and

  • New multi-use detacher - effectively removes all magnetically detachable Sensormatic tags for all items including high-end wines, spirits and appliances.

"Protecting products from theft while effectively merchandising products is a priority for retailers," said Nancy Chisholm, VP and general manager, Tyco Retail Solutions. "Our new tags and wraps are designed to minimize any impact on merchandising, while delivering the same trusted results as our traditional line of genuine Sensormatic tags. By protecting a wider variety of merchandise we can provide our customers a single source of tags and sensors to protect the entire store inventory."

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