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Two New Lighting Options from Juno


New Ceramic Metal-Halide Flood/Wall Wash Trac Fixtures

Des Plaines, Ill.-based Juno further increase its Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Trac Lighting options with the addition of new flood/wall wash fixtures.

The first option is the MHV Series vertical ballast Flood/Wall Wash fixture which delivers outstanding photometric performance in a compact fixture footprint. It is available for use with either T4 G8.5 or T6 G12 lamps in wattages ranging from 20W up to 150W. Small T4 and T6 lamps enable a reduced housing size and excellent beam control. Its patterned specular reflector delivers a smooth, consistent beam pattern with excellent color mixing. Lamps can be easily replaced from the front without the use of tools - to help facilitate lamp replacement, its die-cast aluminum lensholder slides to expose the lamp compartment.

The second option is the MH2 Series Flood/Wall Wash fixture, which offers a more uniform wash in a horizontal mount ballast design. It also is available for use with either T4 G8.5 or T6 G12 lamps in wattages ranging from 20W up to 150W. It offers similar features to the MHV Series Flood/Wall Wash fixture and is ideally suited for applications that use other MH2 spotlights.

New Concentric Cylinder Ceramic Metal-Halide Trac Fixtures 

The Concentric Cylinder is ultra-compact, combining a simple aesthetic with superior performance. Its computer-contoured faceted reflector, securely mounted to the lamp shroud, allows for precise optical alignment with the lamp. The lamp shroud has a 1-in. deep integral step baffle for optimal shielding and brightness control and is easily removed for simplified fixture maintenance. Optimum beam control can be achieved via its clear lens, which can be replaced with a variety of media accessories.

The Concentric Cylinder is available in wattages ranging from 20W to 70W for an energy-efficient lighting solution. It is available in the vertical ballast MHV Series and the horizontal ballast MH2 Series. It is designed to accept miniature T4, G8.5 CMH lamps for a very small, close-to-the-trac profile. Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Trac Lighting from Juno’s complete CMH trac fixture line is detailed in the new CMH Trac Lighting catalog from Juno available at

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