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Tween Brands achieves compliance with NYSE listing standards


New Albany, Ohio Tween Brands reported that they have received notification from the New York Stock Exchange that the company is now back in compliance under the NYSE's continued listing standards and will be removed from its "Watch List."

Tween Brands’ reinstatement to compliance comes as a result of the company’s consistent positive performance against a business plan submitted to the NYSE and its compliance with the Exchange's minimum market capitalization standard.

“We are very happy to have quickly returned to compliance with the NYSE listing standards. The cornerstone of our business plan was the continued successful transition to the Justice store brand, and we are pleased that our value message is reaching customers and they are acting on it,” said Michael Rayden, Tween Brands chairman and CEO.

The company will be subject to a 12-month follow-up period to ensure that it remains in compliance with the NYSE's continued listing standards, as well as being subject to its normal monitoring procedures.

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