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Trustwave: Retail top industry for breaches


Chicago – Retail is the top industry targeted for data breaches. According to the 2014 Global Security Report from cybersecurity provider Trustwave, retail made up 35% of attacks Trustwave investigated in 2013.

Food and beverage ranked second at 18% and hospitality ranked third at 11%. In addition, POS breaches accounted for 33% of Trustwave’s 2013 investigations, while e-commerce made up 54% of assets targeted and data centers comprised 10% of assets targeted. The median number of days from initial intrusion to detection was 87 days.

Trustwave also discovered some key information about passwords:

• Out of a sample of 626,718 stored passwords collected during thousands of penetration tests performed in 2013 and 2014, Trustwave recovered more than half of the passwords in just a few minutes.

• The team was able to crack 576,533 or almost 92% of the sample within 31 days.

• Top three most common passwords were Password1, Hello123, and password.

• Weak or default passwords contributed to one-third of compromises investigated by Trustwave.

For more data from the 2014 Global Security Report click here.

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