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TrueCount offers RFID solutions for small, mid-sized retailers


DOVER, N.H. — Zander Livingston, CEO of Truecount Corp, an RFID software provider, announced that Truecount isintroducing a new Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing and deployment model that places inventoryvisibility and all other RFID benefits within the reach of any size retailer.

Truecount’s SaaS offering combines modest set-up costs with a low monthly fee, substantiallyreducing the upfront investment traditionally associated with RFID implementations. With hardwarecosts and licensing fees a constraint for some retailers, the SaaS option provides affordability andflexibility for companies who are considering a RFID pilot or network wide roll-out.

According to Livingston, Truecount’s SaaS model enables small and mid-sized firms to enjoy thesame advantages of item level RFID as the retail “giants” without significant investment. “Retailerswho utilize Item-level RFID technology in their stores and in their supply chain gain many efficienciesbased on faster inventory counts and greater inventory accuracy. This gives these retailers a definitecompetitive edge in their marketplace,” says Livingston. “We are leveling the playing field. Now,mid-sized and smaller firms can accelerate their implementation of RFID and begin accruing the samemarket advantages as the biggest retail brands.”

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