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True Value enhances mobile ordering app


True Value's Mobile Order App for smartphones is putting more power into the hands of retailers, according to the co-op.

The True Value mobile ordering app, which began as a concept about 18 months ago, is now in its sixth month of operation. It's in use at about 1,800 retailers making thousands of orders, said Rosalee Hermans, head of information technology for True Value.

One of the valuable functions of the app is its ability to show pricing and margin information on any product in the store or warehouse, making comparison shopping and product look up fast and easy, she said.

New functions unveiled here at the True Value Reunion in Atlanta include the ability for a retailer to view order history, to receive order status updates and to hide the warehouse price. The last function can be helpful if the retailer is using the app in a customer-facing situation.

According to Hermans, True Value's IT strategy is basically to boost the competitiveness of True Value now and in the future. That includes inward-looking products at the warehouse or corporate level, and also outward-looking tools connecting retailers and customers.

For retailers, downloading the app to their smartphone will only help both areas. She stressed that the process takes no more than three minutes, probably a lot less, she said.

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