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TrendSource: School supplies leading back-to-school purchase


San Diego – Ninety-three percent of U.S. families are doing back-to-school shopping for students age 18 and younger this year and are expected to spend a total of $72.5 billion. Results of the 2013 Back to School Intentions Study from TrendSource show that school supplies are far and away the most popular item, with 95% of back-to-school shoppers buying them.

Other popular back-to-school items include fashion/apparel (85%), accessories (76%) and technology (47%). A majority of families are buying items for one to two students with 60% purchasing goods for children in the pre-K to middle/junior high school range, 33% buying items for high schoolers, 37% making purchases for college students and 5% buying for other types of students.

The average school supply budget ranges from $51 to $150 dollars, with 87% of families buying these items at big-box stores; 56% shopping at office supply stores; 14% buying them online; 13% purchasing them at grocery stores; and 5% shopping at other types of retailers. Nine percent of back-to-school shoppers have a school supply brand preference, led by Bic and Crayola.

The average fashion budget is $151 to $200, with one-quarter of back-to-school shoppers having a brand preference, led by American Eagle, Aeropostale and Old Navy. The average technology budget is $300 to $700. Laptops are four-times more popular than desktop PCs and 68% of back-to-school shoppers have a brand preference, led by Apple and HP at 31% each.

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