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Tractor Supply Company overhauls online site with IBM


Armonk, N.Y. -- IBM has partnered with Tractor Supply Company to revamp and migrate the retailer’s online operation to provide Tractor Supply customers with an easier way to connect, browse and shop for goods and services online.

At the heart of the solution is a completely redesigned website for Tractor Supply that provides optimal viewing across all devices, easier integration with social media pages, and a simplified check-out process.

Behind the scenes, the company migrated the entire platform to a new IBM Cloud for greater overall business performance.

"At Tractor Supply Company, we are committed to deepening the relationships we have with our customers, and the newly redesigned website allows us to do that in an impactful way," said Rob Mills, senior VP and chief information officer of Tractor Supply Company. "IBM Cloud is more agile and has management capabilities that let us respond quickly to market and individual customer needs, the direct result of which is a better customer experience."

Key to the infrastructure overhaul was the migration of the website, which was built on IBM Commerce, from a software-as-a-service platform delivered through two distinct partners to IBM Cloud.

With the new Infrastructure-as-a-service architecture, Tractor Supply Company gains improved overall system performance and the ability to scale quickly based on market demands, and greater operational visibility.

Other new features of include simplified categories to make shopping and browsing more intuitive, an enhanced store locator capability, easier social integration and new product review features.

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