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Toys “R” Us holiday campaign combines digital with TV, radio and print ads


Wayne, N.J. -- Toys “R” Us 2013 holiday marketing plans include a new TV campaign that will feature a group of real-life children from local New York charities who think they’re going on a field trip, but actually are going to a Toys “R” Us store where they are given free rein.

Featured at the end of each TV commercial and throughout many of the company’s print and online marketing vehicles, is the hashtag, #WishinAccomplished.

The new TV ads, debuting on Oct. 20, are the centerpiece of a fully integrated marketing campaign, encompassing digital, radio and print advertising. Created in partnership with The Escape Pod Agency, Chicago, the spots will air on all major networks and cable stations throughout the holiday season.

To further bring the campaign to life online, Toys “R” Us will feature dedicated social media content, including a special 90-second version of the TV commercial and behind-the-scenes images, on the company’s Facebook page,

Now through mid-December, Toys “R” Us promotional activity will be seen across the Web, as the company has increased its investment in digital advertising for 2013. The strategy includes placements on high-impact homepages, including, YouTube and Yahoo!, among others.

Those who engage with popular apps, such as Angry Birds, will also see Toys “R” Us ads in-game. And, as a digital extension of the retailer’s broadcast promotions, and will feature Toys “R” Us ads online as part of a larger partnership with the networks.

The Toys “R” Us YouTube Channel,, will serve as the go-to destination for kids and families looking to replay the magical moments of the commercials.

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