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Tourneau gets with the times


For luxury watch retailer Tourneau, brick-and-mortar historically took precedence over online operations.

The New York-based retailer is known for having long-tenured associates with deep knowledge. This emphasis on the in-store experience often left digital commerce overlooked among the company’s strategic priorities.

However, recognizing that the modern consumer now expects a seamlessly blended experience that crosses the physical and digital channels, Tourneau is entering the omnichannel world with help from Demandware.

Tourneau, which has been around for more than 100 years and operates 33 stores as well as an e-commerce site, is powering its omnichannel operations with the Demandware Commerce Cloud. Digital commerce emerged as a top priority for Tourneau with the 2013 arrival of new CEO Ira Melnitsky. Under Melnitsky’s leadership, Tourneau has re-launched its website on the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

“Demandware gives us the necessary digital tools to seamlessly engage our customers across channels and devices,” said Katherine Bahamonde Monasebian, chief marketing officer at Tourneau. “As a brand that sells six-figure merchandise, our clientele expect and deserve a luxury experience from us, and Demandware enables us to provide just that. Demandware lets us maintain the same high-touch relationship with our customers online that we have long enjoyed with them in-store.”

Even retailers that rely upon a highly personalized and detail-driven customer experience, such as Tourneau, must now ensure that experience is seamlessly and consistently available across all digital touch-points. Cloud-based technology allows the rapid and flexible extension of a brick-and-mortar experience into an omnichannel environment, leaving no excuse for any retailer to remain with a siloed strategy.

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