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Top e-commerce trends that will impact retail in 2017


Absolunet has released its list of the top 10 e-commerce trends that will impact North American retailers in 2017. The e-commerce agency noted that the impact of the trends will be felt online and in stores, and by retailers and consumers alike.

Here is Absolunet’s top 10 list:

1. The end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Tech–savvy merchants are replacing Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Cyber November;

2. Real-Time Customization: The online AND in-store shopping experience will adapt to each consumer in real-time;

3. Data-As-A-Service + E-commerce: Every retailer will be able to match Amazon's selection, all the way down to product descriptions, images – even comments and reviews;

4. Hello, Artificial Intelligence: Consumers will interact with A.I … and they'll love it;

5. Bye-Bye Wallet: The beginning of the end for the wallet and cash – brought to you by mobile, wearables and other payment-enabled tech;

6. The Snapchat-ization of Shopping: Real-time commerce for a hyper-local era: how consumers will use mobile to unlock exclusive retail experiences;

7. Predictive Analysis: How merchants will use data to accurately predict their customers' next purchase;

8. The Uber-ization of Shipping: Smaller Walmarts, the rise of local drop-off points for online orders and same-day delivery;

9. Unified Commerce: The merging of e-commerce and commerce (silos are out and, possibly for the first time ever, easily avoided)); and

10. Disintermediation: Consumers want to deal directly with brands, and the brands couldn't be happier. Where do retailers fit in?
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