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Top 10 states for green building


Washington -- Illinois tops the United States Green Building Council’s ranking of the Top 10 States for LEED-certified construction for last year. The list highlights the regions around the country that are at the forefront of sustainable building design and transformation.

The per-capita list includes commercial and institutional green building projects that were certified throughout 2013.

USGBC calculates the list using per-capita figures measuring human intervention in constructing green buildings, allowing for a fair comparison of the level of energy-efficient building taking place among states with significant differences in population and, accordingly, number of overall buildings.

Here is the ranking of the top 10 states:

Rank State Projects certified in 2013
1 Illinois 171
2 Maryland 119
3 Virginia 160
4 Massachusetts 101
5 (tie) New York 259
5 (tie) California 595
6 Oregon 47
7 North Carolina 133
8 Colorado 124
9 Hawaii 17
10 Minnesota 51

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