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Timberland’s five-year plan includes 31% annual online growth, 130 new stores


Stratham, N.H. -- Timberland detailed its plan to grow revenues by $1.4 billion during the next five years at an investor meeting at the company’s headquarters in Stratham, New Hampshire. Timberland’s management said it expects total revenues to reach $3.1 billion by the end of 2019, representing growth of 13% per year. (Timberland is a wholly owned subsidiary of VF Corporation.

E-commerce is expected to be Timberland’s highest percentage growth channel, increasing by 31% annually and adding $180 million in revenues over the next five years. Timberland also plans to expand its global retail store presence by adding 130 stores to its current base of approximately 230 stores.

“2014 will mark the most successful year in Timberland’s history – another clear example of VF’s powerful business model that enables brands to connect deeply with consumers, and drive growth and profitability, while preserving a unique DNA and culture,” said Eric Wiseman, VF president, chairman and CEO. “Since our acquisition in 2011, our work with the Timberland team has created an incredibly strong foundation for its next chapter of growth.”

Over the next five years, Timberland expects substantial growth in each major geographic region: Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. Growth in the Americas region will account for nearly half of the anticipated $1.4 billion in total revenue growth, representing an annual growth rate of 14% for the region. This U.S. led growth is expected to be balanced across both wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels.

Timberland’s growth over the next five years is expected to be balanced across both wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels. Wholesale revenues are expected to grow by $825 million over the period to reach $2 billion, driven by a 13% annual growth rate in the Americas region, 8% growth in EMEA and 14% growth in the APAC region.

Direct-to-consumer revenues for Timberland are expected to reach $1.1 billion, representing an additional $570 million in sales, and an annual growth rate of 15% over the five-year period.

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