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Tilly’s woos impulse shoppers with mobile shopping solution


Tilly’s, a leading specialty retailer in the action sports industry selling clothing, shoes, and accessories, has enlisted visual search platform Slyce to assist it in the creation of Tilly's Snap Shop.

The service leverages Slyce visual search technology to enable users to access the retailer’s mobile website on their smartphones, snap photos of desired items within any of Tilly's seasonal collection catalogs and purchase the item directly at the moment of impulse.

“Customer experience has always been a high priority at Tilly's,” said Tilly's COO Craig DeMerit. “The Tilly's Snap Shop takes that experience a step further by enabling our customers to interact with our brand digitally in new and exciting ways. The convergence of traditional and digital media continues to be an important strategy for Tilly's and we are focused on giving the customer as many options as possible to fully experience our brand."

Tilly's Snap Shop will be accessible to customers viewing the company’s fall catalog, which is due for circulation early next month.

The two companies anticipate a future deployment of the visual search technology that will enable Tilly's customers to snap images of any fashion item in the real world and access all direct or close-matching products from the Tilly's product line, based on type, style, color and distinguishing features. These will then be immediately available to purchase.

Tilly's has 206 retail locations across 33 states and circulates more than 10 million catalogs per year catering to the surf and skate community.

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