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Tiffany shines in first quarter


Tiffany chairman and CEO Michael J. Kowalsk said the company enjoyed “an excellent and encouraging start to the year.”

The company grew net earnings 50% in the first quarter. Net earnings increased 50% to $126 million, up from $84 million in the same period a year earlier, aided by the elimination of pre-tax charges relating to staff and occupancy reduction.

Worldwide net sales grew 13% to $1.01 billion, from $895.48 million. Worldwide same-store sales rose 11% due to growth in most regions.

“We were pleased with the strong and broad-based sales growth across most regions and product categories and our ability to leverage those improved sales into very significant growth in operating and net earnings. Strength in fine and statement jewelry sales continued, while sales of our new or expanded jewelry collections accelerated, led by our Atlas collection,” added Kowalsk.

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