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Thomson’s, Kent, United Kingdom

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Travel company Thomson’s has debuted its next-generation travel-store concept, at Bluewater shopping center in Kent, United Kingdom. Designed by 20.20, the format integrates the latest technology combined with great service to enhance the experience of choosing and booking a vacation.

The experience starts on the storefront, which features a giant immersive video wall showcasing vacation content in high definition. Inside the entry, an interactive map and interactive tables entertain customers and help them research vacations. Customers can compile top ten lists, view live weather information, read reviews and view videos of destinations.

Social media feeds are streamed onto the screens to inspire and inform customers and give them a feel of what to expect from their holiday before they book. Further into the space, the “Advice Bar “gives customers the chance to browse content on self-service laptops with staff on hand to answer any questions.

The store is zoned so customers can choose from browsing on their own devices using free WiFi in the pool area or use customer computers at the Advice Bar where staff will be on hand to answer questions.

"We set out to ensure that every visit is a memorable experience, and we've succeeded,” said Jon Lee, creative director, 20.20. “Our design approach has been truly seamless. Technology and design are fused in this store like never before. Not as a gimmick, but as part of one brand experience that delivers a superlative holiday buying environment.”

Design: 20.20 Limited, London

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