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Theft ring busted by in-store “swat” team


A gang of alleged shoplifters stealing from Home Depot stores in Northern California were apprehended on Aug. 14 after a team of police officers responded to a call from the store, according to an article in The Reporter in Vacaville, Calif.

Ten officers from the Vacaville Police Department saturated the Vacaville store after loss prevention personnel called to report eight or more men trying to remove or conceal merchandise. Security personnel reported that their method of operation was similar to thefts reported in other Northern California stores.

While police apprehended suspects inside the store, officers chased down a white Suburban that had recently left the parking lot. Police also impounded  two other vehicles they believe were involved. Approximately $6,000 in stolen tools and electronic components were recovered from the three vehicles, according to the newspaper article.


Eleven suspects were arrested that day, including two who tried to hitch a rise with the white Suburban after it was brought back to the store by the police. Law enforcement officers believe the individuals were part of an organized crime ring that has stolen an estimated $60,000 worth of tools and electronics from Home Depots in Napa, Vallejo, Fairfield and other Northern California locations during the past two to three years.


The arrested individuals were charged with multiple counts of burglary, criminal conspiracy, and possession of stolen property, according to The Reporter.

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