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Texas court signs judgment in favor of Dillard’s


Scottsdale, Ariz. JDA Software Group announced Friday that a district court of the state of Texas signed a final judgment awarding $237.8 million to Little Rock, Ark.-based Dillard’s. The defendant is i2 Technologies, which JDA acquired in January.

A jury in Dallas County awarded Dillard's $225 million in the case in June. Dillard's alleged i2 did not meet its obligations in a licensing agreement, and it sued i2 for fraud and breach of contract and warranty.

The $237.8 million judgment includes interest of 5% per year.

JDA said it will appeal the judgment and file additional motions seeking a new trial and a smaller judgment. The company said i2 posted a $25 million bond, which means it won't have to pay the judgment until the appeals process is over. Appeals could last several years, JDA said.


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