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Tesco signs off on wine warehouse-management system


Hertfordshire, England Tesco announced Friday that it has completed a successful test of a new warehouse-management system for its wine business, according to a report in Retail Week.

Earlier this year the grocer completed a strategic review of the distribution network for wine delivery, leading to the termination of a shared-services arrangement with its stores distribution business and the transfer of its wine-distribution center to the home-shopping division.

As part of the transition, Tesco has implemented a warehouse-management system from Manhattan Associates that has been integrated with’s existing grocery-delivery applications.

The system has allowed the Tesco Wine site, which was relaunched over the summer, to provide better exclusives and improved lead times. The site has begun offering next-day delivery, as well as continuing the two-hour time slots that are standard in the rest of its online business. supply chain director Neil Ashworth said: “A faster option was increasingly important but we didn’t want to lose our market position of two-hour time slots as it is of huge value to our customers.”

He said customers have also asked to be able to receive groceries and wine in the same delivery booking. Although Tesco’s systems cannot yet handle this, Ashworth said if customers book the same delivery time-slot for both orders, it is likely they will arrive on the same van.

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