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Teen apparel retailer ups the ante on store-level customer engagement


Tilly’s is making a bold move in driving omnichannel experiences in-store.

Armed with Aptos’ cloud-based Singular Commerce platform, the teen apparel retailer can now integrate all omnichannel operations and data at store-level, giving users one complete view of customers, inventory, orders, and the customer’s overall path-to-purchase.

Specifically, the Aptos Store POS solution supports mobile-driven engagement across Tilly’s 1,200 mobile devices used in 225 stores, and the Aptos CRM module provides advanced tools for customer capture, analysis, segmentation and campaign management.

Reports deliver a 360-degree view of each customer, enabling the retailer to identify and respond to their changing needs through relevant communications — a move that will cultivate long-term relationships with its shoppers.

The Aptos Sales Audit tool validates and relays accurate and timely transaction information pulled from POS and legacy back end systems throughout the enterprise. Validated data will improve decision making, streamline operations and reduce costs.

“Leveraging Aptos’ end-to-end cloud-based retail technology suite, Til-ly’s will gain a holistic and fully integrated set of capabilities to support our digital convergence initiatives today, and expand when we’re ready to leverage new solutions as our business grows and evolves,” said Jon Kubo, chief digital officer, Tilly’s.

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