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Target reduces marketing staff


Minneapolis Target Corp. said Thursday it is cutting some 85 marketing jobs, representing about 8% of its 1,100 employees in that department.

The company said in a statement that the move was part of its normal practice of evaluating all areas of the company to make sure they are effective.

Target said the affected employees all are located at its headquarters in Minneapolis, where some 12,000 Target employees wor

The affected employees will receive full pay and benefits through Dec. 14. Then they will receive severance pay, a year of healthcare benefits and assistance looking for new jobs.

Target has been reducing staff, tightening consumer credit-card underwriting, and paring down inventory in the recession.

Although discount retailers have benefited from consumers switching to cheaper stores and focusing on necessities in the recession, Target has been hurting because much of its revenue comes from fashionable nonessentials such as home decor and clothing.

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