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System to provide real-time synchronization of yard and dock activities at Price Chopper DCs


New York City Price Chopper, the supermarket division of the Golub Corp., has chosen Retalix Yard Management to synchronize yard and dock activities at the retailer’s distribution centers.

Retalix Yard Management is designed to automate the yard and dock management process through advanced predictive logic and optimization algorithms. Using enhanced software engines and visibility tools, RYM eliminates operational silos and coordinates yard and dock activity with distribution center demand.

“The Retalix Yard Management system was very attractive because it offered unmatched and real-time control over all yard and dock operations in our distribution centers,” said Dave Schmitz, director of distribution for Price Chopper, Schenectady, N.Y., which operates 119 supermarkets. “The solution will help us quickly locate equipment, personnel and products anywhere in our yard, and will greatly reduce trailer wait times -- all of which means higher supply chain visibility, efficiency and productivity.”

Price Chopper will use radio frequency identification technology in tandem with the Retalix solution. RFID readers are being installed at the entry and exit points of the company’s distribution centers, and all of its fleet will be affixed with a rugged RFID tag, automating the processing of arrival and departure information.  

“Retalix Yard Management offers grocers and distributors, like Price Chopper, instant visibility over their yard and dock operations,” said Rik Schrader, senior VP, global sales and marketing for the Retalix Supply Chain division. “By incorporating proven, leading-edge technologies like RFID, logistics and distribution center managers can concurrently supervise activities in multiple yards from a central location.”

The system was designed using the Microsoft NET platform. The application is part of the Retalix Transportation solutions suite, which is designed to fulfill the critical transportation requirements of inbound and outbound traffic, yard management and dock scheduling for retailers and distributors.


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