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Survey shows how smartphones changing retail landscape


Austin, Texas -- Smartphones are quickly becoming the first screen for consumers — even in retail stores. But while consumers overwhelmingly prefer to access the Internet on their mobile devices, only 30% use retailer applications to purchase products.

Those are two of the key takeaways of a study RetailMeNot, which commissioned Forrester Consulting to look at how smartphones and apps are changing the retail landscape and how retailers should respond to engage shoppers.

Eighty-four percent of consumers surveyed use their smartphones while shopping in-store, according to the report. More than half (55%) of consumers surveyed say they use a smartphone to find a coupon while shopping in-store, and an equal number use their smartphone to redeem a coupon while in-store.

“This new Forrester study focuses on mobile as the most important touch point for retailers to win, serve and retain customers,” said Michael Jones, senior VP, retailer and brand solutions, RetailMeNot. Whether consumers are shopping in-store, online or while time shifting on their smart phone or tablet device, retailers' mobile experiences must meet consumer expectations."

Highlights of the survey include:

• In 2015, 49% of digital coupons discovered on smartphones are ultimately used in-store to make a purchase, a 22% increase from 2014.

• Of the U.S. consumers surveyed who have used a mobile phone in the last three months to perform a retail-related activity, 60% have two or fewer retailer apps on their phones, and 21% do not have any.

• Over half of respondents (56%) use retailer apps once a month or less.

• Internet usage at home in the living room and common areas is now predominately done utilizing a smartphone (83%), surpassing PC/laptop usage (53%) and tablet usage (54%).

Get the full study here.

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