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Survey: Retailers using mobile POS to grow 300%


Nearly 300% more retailers plan to use mobile POS in the next two years, according to a special report by Boston Retail Partners (BRP).

The study, “Mobile Technology – Transforming the Customer Experience,” forecasts that the use of mobile technology for other customer-facing activities in retail will also dramatically grow in the next two years. For example, approximately 200% more retailers plan to use geolocation within three years. And 350% more retailers plan to support NFC payments by October 2015.

“Mobile technology enables retailers to break down barriers between the digital environment and the physical store,” said Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners. “Advancements in mobile capabilities are driving retailers to upgrade and replace technology to keep ahead of the competition and keep up with their very informed, technology-savvy customers. In the payments arena, mobile payments could become the next “killer app” for mobile devices, much like what iTunes did for music.”

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