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Survey: Retail bottom lines benefit from cloud computing


SAN ANTONIO, Texas — A survey by open-cloud company Rackspace Hosting of 1,300 U.S. and U.K. companies revealed that retail in both countries has benefited from cloud computing via IT cost reductions, increased profits, improved disaster recovery and business agility, as well as strengthened out-of-office employee performance.

The survey, conducted in conjunction with U.K.-based Manchester Business School, revealed that 63% of retail companies attribute the cloud for increased profits. More than half (55%) of these companies reported profits increased from 10% to 50% by using the cloud. Of all the industries polled, retailer lead in terms of how much profits have increased from the cloud.

A majority 73% of retail firms said the cloud reduced their IT costs; 50% said the reduction was in the 10% to 50% range.

Most said cloud computing has been a key factor in the recent entrepreneurial boom with 53% in retail saying the cloud helped them ‘punch above their weight’ in competing with larger companies.

One of the most obvious benefits of the cloud was the ability of employees to access information anytime, anywhere. This way, employees could work while they travel or remotely from home.

Most (64%) retail companies said cloud computing improved their disaster recovery and business agility.

Most said they are using open source cloud technology and even more said open cloud use is increasing. Many said they liked open cloud because the costs are lower and business agility as well as the pace of innovation increase with open standards.

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