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Survey: POS mobile technologies emerging trend


Boston -- Retailers identified mobile POS technologies as a quickly emerging trend, with more than half planning to launch mobile solutions within the next two years, according to Boston Retail Partner’s 12th Annual POS Survey.

Retailers are also looking to the future as they consider options to replace their current generation of POS equipment. More than three-quarters of the retailers in the survey indicated plans to replace POS terminals within the next four years. Also, 16% are currently running "thin client" solutions, which rely on dedicated Internet based connections rather than information stored on a local computer. With networks becoming faster, less expensive, and more reliable, the ability to use simpler (and less expensive) POS equipment at the store has been recognized.

"We are at a strategic inflection point where the network is taking center stage," said Ken Morris, principal of Boston Retail Partners. "This enables a mobile world where consumers drive self checkout through smart phones, interact with friends in real-time on purchasing decisions, and receive personalized pricing and discounts as they are shopping. This creates a win for the consumer, and also for the retailer who may use less POS equipment avoiding additional costs."

Boston Retail Partners released the survey of at the NRF Annual Convention & Expo in New York City.

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