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Survey: Personalized post-purchase brand interactions important


Jeffersonville, Ind. - The key to repeat customers is personalized communication from brands after purchases. According to a new survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers from multichannel customer engagement solutions provider Accent Marketing Services LLC, 86% of consumers say it’s important to have a positive experience after making a purchase.

Key findings in the report also include:

• Nearly half of consumers interact with brands after a purchase.

• Word-of-mouth marketing is still critical with 79% of consumers telling family and friends when they have had a great experience with a brand.

• Ninety-three percent of consumers claim that a positive response or special offer can help restore the company’s reputation after a bad experience.

• Only 26% of consumers have used their phone to contact a company through mobile app with a service question after making a purchase.

“As consumers continue to evolve, we are seeing a significant shift in what CMOs are focusing on,” said David Norton, executive VP customer analytics and insights at MDC Partners and chairman Accent Marketing Services. “Their focus used to be solely on customer acquisition. CMOs today need to spend time to understand and engage customers across the entire lifecycle, not only pre-purchase. What our research has uncovered is that when CMOs consider the entire lifecycle, they can maximize return on investment.”

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