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Survey: Organic foods gaining traction


Austin, Texas A survey released Monday by Whole Foods Market found that organic foods are making a larger impact in consumers' shopping choices in 2010.

According to Whole Foods’ annual Food Shopping Trends Tracker survey, conducted online in June by Harris Interactive, while 75% of adults continue to purchase natural and/or organic foods, the number of organic products found in their grocery basket has increased.

Twenty-seven percent of adults say that natural and/or organic foods comprise more than a quarter of their total food purchases this year, up from just 20% a year ago, according to the survey.

Whole Foods also surveyed Baby Boomers about food attitudes and purchasing habits today compared with 30 years ago, finding that 84% are now more concerned with what foods they eat and read nutrition labels more closely, and 83% have a better understanding of how their food is produced.

Most adults said current food prices continue to impact how they shop for groceries (84%), and the economy has impacted their cooking and eating habits (77%). Specifically, they are eating dinner at home more often and eating out less (59%) and are budgeting food shopping trips more strictly (42%).

Of those adults who indicated that current food prices have affected their grocery shopping, 46% say they go out of their way to look for lower-cost items, 56% say they prepare more meals at home, and 26% plan meals for the week and buy only what they need for that week.

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