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Survey: More consumers eating take-out food


Jacksonville, Fla. - Shoppers are increasing eating out by actually eating in as they take advantage of ready-to-eat foods and meal solution offerings from grocery stores, quick-serve restaurants, food delivery and take away. A new study from AMG Strategic Advisors, “The Why? Behind the Buy,” shows that Millennials are most likely to use prepared food for meal solutions, but overall, 77% of total U.S. shoppers reported eating out in the past month.

In addition, 66% brought home prepared foods and 65% bought food at a restaurant drive through. Sixty-four percent ordered food from a restaurant for pick-up/carryout. Breakfast and snacking has seen the most growth in away from home eating.

The report also reveals that technology use for grocery shopping is catching up to other retail shopping. Among the top digital tactics are printing coupons online before shopping (30% of shoppers), loading coupons onto shopper cards from a website (26% of shoppers) and viewing a store’s digital circular (26% of shoppers). It also provides valuable data on the continued growth of the Millennial influence, as this group is projected to outspend the Boomer generation by 2020 with $65 billion in grocery spending shifting from Boomers to Millennials.

“We’re seeing the shopping landscape evolving at an accelerated pace,” said Marianne Quinlan-Sacksteder, director of insights at AMG Strategic Advisors. “As various factors converge, namely shifts in shopping and spending as generations mature and embrace different values and lifestyles intersecting with the exploding digital landscape, manufacturers and retailers need to ensure they truly understand the implications of these changes and how to capitalize on these trends.”

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