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Survey: More consumers buying gift cards online


Portland, Maine More consumers are buying gift cards online instead of purchasing them in person, according to the Pre-Holiday Online Shopper Gift Card Survey, sponsored by CashStar.

In addition, the survey data revealed that 68% of online shoppers agree that buying a gift card online that can be sent via e-mail is more convenient than having plastic cards shipped to the gift-card recipient. Meanwhile, about 80% of online shoppers indicated that if their favorite store or restaurant offered a personalized online gift card on their site, they would be more likely to purchase an online gift card from that retailer.

The survey also revealed that personalizing a gift card is key to its success. Half of all respondents said they have decided against giving gift cards in the past because they were not personal enough. About 85% of online shoppers who are planning to give gift cards this holiday season expressed interest in purchasing personalized online cards that can be sent via e-mail. About 70% reported that the ability to personalize a gift card is of importance to them.

Online shoppers also revealed that their top gift-card recipients are siblings (48%) and friends (45%)

An overwhelming 88% of online shoppers indicated that they would be more likely to purchase a gift card that has an incentive attached, such as sending a $50 gift card and receiving a $10 gift card in return for the shopper itself.

Meanwhile, online shoppers said they are also interested in ‘green’ alternatives. More than half (56%) of respondents said they are more likely to purchase online gift cards because they are better for the environment than petroleum-based plastic cards.

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