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Survey: Marketers value personalization


Dayton, Ohio – Personalization has become something of a “family value” for marketers. According to the Teradata 2015 Global Data-Driven Marketing Survey, 90 % of marketers say making marketing individualized is a priority.

They want to move beyond segmentation to true one-to-one personalization in a real-time context. Faster, more accurate decisions are key benefits of using data for nearly two-thirds of respondents.

Other findings include:

• 38% of marketers say their biggest challenge is improving customer acquisition and retention. Marketers' second-biggest challenge is proving support of corporate objectives (29%) and meeting regulatory compliance was third (26%).

• Marketers have more than doubled their use of data-driven marketing in the past 18 months. 78% of marketers now use data systematically, compared to 36% in 2013.

• Only 50% routinely apply data to engage consumers. 44% admit a lack of consistency in omnichannel marketing. And 80% say that silos within Marketing prevent them from knowing how campaigns are performing across different channels.

• 43% of marketers say they now control their company's customer data (up from 34% in 2013). And a vast majority (83%) say they take an omnichannel approach to reaching customers.

• 84% agree that making Marketing and IT into strategic partners is vital.

• 92% agree that integrating data across teams can improve customer service.

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