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Survey: Marketers use basic cross-channel attribution


San Francisco - Only one-in-nine marketers use advanced cross-channel attribution methods, and among those using attribution, 28% still use single click methods. According to a new survey of 106 advertisers, agencies, and analytics professionals in the U.S. and Europe performed by Forrester Consulting for predictive marketing software provider Kenshoo, advanced marketers use sophisticated multi-touch attribution models to inform a broad array of strategic and tactical decisions in more detail and with more speed.

For example, 49% adjust their long-term media plans, 38% change media spend, 34% compare the performance of different campaign measures, and 23% take some action in real time. Interestingly, Forrester found that only 5% of marketers rely on their bid management platform for attribution.

“Attribution provides valuable insight into which channels have the greatest impact on any given campaign or ad, while showing marketers where their budgets can generate the greatest return,” said Aaron Goldman, CMO of Kenshoo. “But having access to attribution data isn’t enough; marketers need the ability to take immediate action on the insights, and that’s something many marketers struggle with. By leveraging advanced attribution models directly in bid management platforms, marketers can quickly and efficiently adjust bids and channel budgets to maximize their investments.”

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